High Tea Menu

High Tea at Just Tickled Pink commences with our own special pink mocktail on arrival, once every guest has arrived, tiers are presented with a warm dish, a variety of yesteryear sandwiches and an assortment of cupcakes, sweets, slices, chocolates and scones with jam and cream, all served with traditional afternoon tea. 


Our delicate light tea sandwiches are prepared in advance so that the exquisite flavours become enhanced. As per the "Ritz" of London we cover all our sandwiches with wax paper & then a damp towel and refrigerate for several hours prior to your reservation. 

Bookings are essential  -
For all enquiries please phone
(08) 8271 6370 or use the email contact form on this site.

High Tea at Just Tickled Pink

Bookings Essential (24 hours in advance) and reservation deposits do apply. 

Wednesday through Sunday: 
2pm til 4pm - $40 per person 

Private functions: 
Wednesday through Sunday 2pm 'til 4pm or by special arrangement
(Minimum group of 25 people @ $45pp) 

Note: As we cater to the specific number booked, a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required to alter the numbers. 

If we are not notified of any changes the full price will be charged as per the number booked. 

Children are very welcome to attend subject to full adult pricing. Children are served the same savoury and sweet foods as adults, with the option of one hot chocolate or juice instead of tea or coffee. 


It is believed that credit for the custom of Afternoon Tea goes to Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford in the early 19th century. The usual habit of serving dinner as late as 9pm left the Duchess hungry in the late afternoon. To stave off the hunger she would order tea, bread and butter and cakes to be served in her room. This was thought to be an excellent idea and the habit caught on and the afternoon tea was born. Following on from this custom came the 'At Home' essentially an extension of the afternoon tea which involved inviting relatives and friends around for tea and sometimes entertainment - though more often just simple conversation and idle gossip. The hostess remained home all day to receive guests and serve tea, cakes and sandwiches. Protocol demanded on receiving an 'At Home' notice that unless regrets were sent, invitees must attend. John Montagu, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, had the idea of placing meat and other fillings between two slices of bread.  Thus, the High Tea sandwich was created. 

The tradition of 'At Home' has long died out, but the serving of Afternoon Tea continues. In recent years High Tea has become a byword for exquisite afternoon tea and Just Tickled Pink has established a respectable reputation for serving the quintessential meal.